In the first two blogs of this series, we explained why Home Staging is a good idea and what is the process of home staging. This blog looks at the importance of ‘Street Appeal’ or ‘Curb Appeal’ when marketing your home for sale. Why street appeal is important when selling a home There is only one chance to make a good first impression so the appearance of your property from the street is important. Buyers tend to believe that the condition of the front of the house is a reflection of the interior. A home with strong street appeal will entice buyers inside while a scruffy exterior may see potential buyers drive away. Here are 7 areas you can work on to improve the street appeal of your property: 1. Lawns – Overgrown, dead or weed-ridden lawns are a turn off. Green up the lawn by implementing a program of soil
What is the process of Home Staging? In the last issue, we explained what Home Staging is about and why it is a good idea. In summary, Homes on the market to sell should be viewed as a ‘product’ and well presented products are easier to sell. To attract buyers, you need great photos and presentation that enables buyers to connect on an emotional level with the home. Home Stagers will look at your home on room by room basis and make suggestions to enhance the appeal. Most of the suggestions fall into the three main components of home staging – depersonalising, decluttering and decorating. Depersonalising: When viewing a property for sale, home buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in the home. Most people find this difficult when there are many items on display that are personal to you. For example: family photos, trophies, framed awards and religious icons
What is Home Staging? Home Staging is the art of styling a home for the purpose of selling. The goal is to create a look and feel that will appeal to highest number of potential buyers. This type of styling is different to decorating a home to live in. When you live in a home, the décor is designed to suit your personal taste and lifestyle. When you are selling a home, the décor needs to be attractive to a broad range of people in order to find a buyer quickly. Vendors need to make a mental shift to viewing their property as a product. This requires a level of detachment that isn’t always easy as there is usually a lot of time, money, memories and emotion invested in the places we live. A professional Home Stager doesn’t have your emotional attachment and can view your home from the point
This article by Debra Gould, uses the analogy of speed dating to explain why ‘Home Staging’ is a good idea if you are selling a residential property. House hunting is a bit like “speed dating”. You may have heard of this dating craze, whereby singles meet 20 or more potential mates in one evening by having five-minute dates with each of them. The idea behind the phenomenon is that two people either have chemistry or they don’t. Many of us look for a mate with a logical list of our personal criteria. But when the chemistry and emotional connection are right, who remembers logic? We follow our hearts. If you’ve ever been house hunting, you can see the similarities. Your agent will take you to six or more houses in a single afternoon. Within minutes, you’ll reject most of them, choosing possibly one or two properties to return to for
Knowing when to stop is the key When styling your home for sale, decluttering is one of the easiest things you can do to improve the look, feel and flow of the property. Decluttering can be achieved for little or no cost and will immediately improve the property’s appeal to buyers. Knowing when to stop, however, sometimes gets lost in the process. Removing too much from the home will result in a property that lacks personality and life. The aim is to market a home that feels spacious and welcoming, not empty and clinical. Here’s some tips to help you find the balance: The ‘no brainer’ items These items can be boxed up and safely removed to off-site storage. Christmas Decorations Camping gear Out of season clothes Family photos, albums Out of season sports gear Non-essential baking ware Old DVD’s and CD’s The ‘consider carefully’ items These items should enhance