Whether you are selling a house, embarking on an interior decorating project or just need help to get your home organised, we are here to help you.

House Matters offers cost effective advice and solutions to make daunting tasks easier and less stressful.

Home Staging

Pre-Sale Consults

A presale consultation takes place in your home and usually takes about an hour depending on the size of your home.

Louise’s priority is to use existing furnishings, keeping costs to the minimum and she will only suggest changes that make a dramatic improvement to the space.

Professional Organising

Property Staging

Home staging is property styling for the purpose of selling to achieve the best price in the shortest time frame.

Today’s homebuyers are educated and savvy with high expectations in the way homes are presented. We specialise in styling homes to maximise their selling potential for the target market.


Interiors Consultations

Looking to create beautiful living spaces to complement your lifestyle? Need style inspiration, finishing touches, or just looking for a guiding hand when selecting furniture and homewares?

Whether your project is a single room or whole house – a new build or an established home, Louise can help.


Understanding Home Staging – Part 3
| 11 July

In the first two blogs of this series, we explained why Home Staging is a good idea and what is the process of home staging. This blog looks at the importance of ‘Street Appeal’ or ‘Curb Appeal’ when marketing your home for sale. Why street appeal is important when selling a home There is only one chance to make a good first impression so the appearance of your property from the street is important. Buyers tend to believe that the condition of the front of the house is a reflection of the interior. A home with strong street appeal will entice buyers inside while a scruffy exterior may see potential buyers drive away. Here are 7 areas you can work on to improve the street appeal of your property: 1. Lawns – Overgrown, dead or weed-ridden lawns are a turn off. Green up the lawn by implementing a program of soil

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Understanding Home Staging – Part 2
| 11 July

What is the process of Home Staging? In the last issue, we explained what Home Staging is about and why it is a good idea. In summary, Homes on the market to sell should be viewed as a ‘product’ and well presented products are easier to sell. To attract buyers, you need great photos and presentation that enables buyers to connect on an emotional level with the home. Home Stagers will look at your home on room by room basis and make suggestions to enhance the appeal. Most of the suggestions fall into the three main components of home staging – depersonalising, decluttering and decorating. Depersonalising: When viewing a property for sale, home buyers are trying to imagine themselves living in the home. Most people find this difficult when there are many items on display that are personal to you. For example: family photos, trophies, framed awards and religious icons

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